How do I add a property map to my Canada listing?

(For multi-family customers)

Note: Engrain is the vendor that Canada partners with to provide property and unit maps. 

To add a property map to your listing, complete the following steps:

  1. Contact Engrain to have a property map included on your listing.
  2. Engrain will create the property map for your listing. Verify that the information on your property map is correct.
    • Allow up to three business days for Engrain to generate your property map IDs for
  3. Important: The unit names provided to Engrain SightMap must match the unit names provided on your listing to avoid having an inactive property map on the listing's detail page.
  4. Within two business days of receiving your information from Engrain, Customer Support will verify that your listing meets the requirements for using property maps and activate the property map on your listing.

Property Map

The property map appears in the  media gallery on the listing’s detail page.

Unit Map

The unit map appears in the details section for available unit(s) beneath  Pricing & Floor Plans.

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