How do I report my property occupancy to Canada using Yardi?

Reporting Occupancy Using Yardi

Reporting Occupancy to using Yardi requires the following:

  1. ILS & Guest Card Configuration
  2. Creating a Property List
  3. Configuring Admin Permissions
  4. Applying Property Configurations in Bulk

ILS & Guest Card Configuration

  1. Navigate to the Yardi Voyager portal and log in to your account.
  2. Select Interfaces, navigate to Configuration, and then Review Interface Vendors in the left navigation dashboard.
  3. The Interface Configuration page appears.
  4. Select the Entity Type dropdown and select ILS/Guest Card. Select Submit to continue.
  5. The ILS & Guest Card Configuration page appears.

  6.  Search for and select in the Interface Configuration pop-up.
  7. The ILS & Guest Card Configuration page appears.

  8. Verify that the Name, Code, and Type fields match the content in the screenshot below.
  9. Configure the Export Resident/Guest Activity options to match your preferences.
  10. Verify that the Use floor plan data and Export all guest cards, ignore interface association boxes that are checked.
  11. Verify that your Tenant and Prospect Import/Export options are complete.
  12. Select Save to finalize the ILS & Guest Card Configuration. 

Creating a Property List

  1. Select Setup, navigate to Property, and then Review Property List in the left navigation dashboard.
  2. The Property List Page appears.
  3. Select Submit to continue.
  4. The Property/Entity List page appears.

  5. Search for an existing property list where you want to report occupancy to and select it.
  6. Enter ".apts" in the Property List field and " Property List" in the Description field.
  7. Select Save As to create an copy of the original property list.

Configuring Admin Permissions

  1. Select Roles and then Administration in the left navigation dashboard.
  2. The System Administration page appears.

  3. Select Add Users under the Security options.
  4. The Employee / User Setup page appears.
  5. Enter user information in the User Setup fields.
    1. Enter "" in the Code field.
    2. Enter ".com" in the Lastname field.
    3. Enter "Apartments" in the Firstname field.
  6. Enter "interfac" and select "interfac (Interface User)" in the Group field under the Security tab.
  7. Enter ".apt" and select .apts ( Property List, , ,) in the Property field.
  8. Enter a username and password for your account.
  9. Select Save to save your progress.
  10. Select the Privileges tab and check the Interface User and Receive Stack/SQL Trace Messages boxes.
  11. Select Save to save your progress.
  12. Select the Program Rights tab and check the Property Mgmt. box.
  13. Select Save to save your progress.
  14. Select the Regional Settings tab and select ca under the Country dropdown.
  15. Select Save to finalize your admin permissions.

Applying Property Configurations in Bulk

  1. Select Interfaces, navigate to Configuration, and then Bulk Property Interface Configuration in the left navigation dashboard.
  2. The Interface Configuration page appears.

  3. Enter ".apts" into the Property field and select .apts ( Property List, , ,)
  4. Select the Interface Type dropdown and select ILS/Guest Card.
  5. Verify the Configure/Remove dropdown is set to Configure and is selected in the Available Agencies list.
  6. Select Save to apply all property configurations and start reporting occupancy to
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