What is a feed?

Balancing the marketing, advertising and management of a rental can be a time consuming task, but a feed could open bandwidth in your day. A feed is an automated way to update your portfolio of listings all at once, rather than managing them independently. 

Below are a few features of a feed that might make it a handy tool when advertising on Apartments.com: 

  • What is a feed? A feed is a third-party vendor who will syndicate the listing into Apartments.com. There are numerous data feed providers, and our Digital Feeds Program will set you up with the best one that fits your needs.  
  • Is it free? While some data feed companies charge for the service, there are numerous free options. 
  • Can I opt-in for Apartments.com on an existing feed? Yes, simply contact the feed provider for more information about having Apartments.com included in the list of websites the listing will appear. 
  • Is there a limit? There is not limit to the number of listings you put on a data feed. 
  • Will the renter be able to reach me directly from the feed? All phone calls and emails leads through the feed will go directly to you. 

Ready to learn more or apply for the Digital Feeds Program? If so, be sure to email us at Feeds@apartments.com or visit our page about the Digital Feeds Program.

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