How do I add amenity information on Canada?

In the amenities section, it takes only a few steps to select the amenities your community has to offer.

  • Pet policy options “No Pets Allowed” or “Pets Negotiable” are available above the grid. Detailed pet information can be added in detail in the grid on a per pet basis.
  • The No Parking Available option is above the detailed parking grid. Specific parking type selections can be added, updated, or removed in the grid. 
  • Included utilities are basic checkboxes to note when the utility is included in the rent. Options include electricity, garbage, gas, heat, sewer, water, cable, and air conditioning.
  • Language selection helps your renters understand which languages the leasing consultants speak. 
Note: If an amenity is no longer valid, you can unselect the checkbox or use the trash can icon to delete it.
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