Why isn't my ad updating on Apartments.com Canada?

Have you made changes recently that aren't showing on your Apartments.com Canada advertisements? If so, these scenarios may explain why your updates aren't appearing.

1. You haven't given your advertisement enough time to update

It takes approximately 1-2 hours after a change is made before that change will reflect on Apartments.com.

2. Your ad is connected to a feed

A feed is an automated way to frequently update your listing. When changes you've made to your listing contradict the information coming from your feed file, your manual changes will be overwritten. To prevent this from happening, make ad changes in the feed file directly. Changes made this way will automatically update all your ads in the Apartments.com Network. 

For more information about feeds, please visit Feed FAQs

For technical assistance with your Feed on Apartments.com, email us at feeds@apartments.com.

3. Your ad is not live

Many times your ad may show in a Google search, even though it is not live on Apartments.com. It's possible your ad isn't updating or live for prospects to see even if it was online previously. If you have ad manager access you can verify the status of your ad by selecting the Menu bar followed by Customer Tools, then Properties. If your "Listing" status does not say "Active", your ad is not online.

If you do not have access to edit your listing, and are experiencing any of the situations below, your ad may not be live.

  • You are no longer receiving leads through Apartments.com
  • Pricing and availability is not showing on the ad
  • There is no contact information listed on the ad

For instructions on how to get your ad live, please email support@apartments.com with the following details:

  • A description of the issue. For example: "My Ad is not live. Please advise on how I can get my listing online." 
  • Your first and last name
  • Your company name
  • Your property name
  • Your property address

If you are unsure about the status of your ad, you can call us at (888) 658-7367 ext. 2 to verify.

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