Why was my Apartments.com Canada listing rejected?

There are several reasons a listing can be rejected on Apartments.com.

Below are common scenarios that may explain why your listing was rejected:

  • Roommate listing – Apartments.com currently doesn't advertise roommate, co-living, or house share listings. Additionally, if it's student living, you will have to lease the entire unit rather than by the bedroom. Even though you can't list a room for rent on the website, you will still be able to use our rental tools such as screening, lease creation, and rent collection. Simply select to manage rather than market the property when you submit it. 
  • Invalid Phone/Email – All listings on the website must have a valid phone number or email address. When there is a contact change, we will reach out to verify it; if the new number is disconnected, there's a chance the listing was rejected due to this. 
  • Identifiable Person – Images in listings cannot contain pictures of pets or identifiable people. This includes images of crowds, people at a distance, and selfies. 
  • Watermarks – Watermarks and company logos are not permitted in images unless they're associated with your business. To avoid a rejection due to watermarks, we advise using original images of the location that you own or shot yourself. 
  • Picture of location – All listings on the website must contain at least one image of the rental. This can be an interior or exterior shot of the home. A single image of the location's signage could lead to a rejection, so we advise having at least one picture of the rental. 
  • Sublet – The location is managed and/or owned by a paying client of Apartments.com. If you're the new owner or property management company, you can request access to it by emailing us at support@apartments.com or by signing up on our website. 
  • Duplicate Listing – An identical advertisement was identified on the website. First check to see if the listing is on a data feed or being managed by another associate, if not, reach out to us for further assistance. 
  • Fair Housing Violation – Language was found in the description that isn't a Fair Housing complaint. 
  • Invalid Address – The address of the rental cannot be verified or found on a map. This could occur if the map pin is dropping in the middle of the street, an intersection or a vacant plot of land. 
  • Not a fixed location – All properties added to the website must be grounded, free-standing structures. Houseboats, campers, and unsecured miniature homes are examples of rentals not permitted. 
  • Off Market – The listing was reported as being rented. 
  • No Call – The listing was rejected because it couldn't be verified by phone after multiple call attempts. Please give us a call at 844-293-8899 to finalize the listing. 
  • Open Listings – In certain market areas, including Greater New York City, an exclusive agreement must be provided by the agent.
  • 5+ Units – The listing was identified as having more than 5 units. To reactivate or gain access to the listing, please email support@apartments.com; include your full name, full address of the rental property, and your property management company’s name.  
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