How do I take great unit-level images for Canada?

The best way to elevate your listing on is to add well-shot images of your units. Uploading quality images quickly increases leads and interest by showing renters what your unit has to offer.

What equipment do I need?

  • A professional camera or smartphone – A camera is all you need to start taking photos of your unit.
  • A tripod (optional) – Securing your camera or smartphone on a tripod allows you to capture higher fidelity images.

Taking Great Unit-level Images

Unit Preparation

  • Clean – Deep clean every room of the unit, wash all surfaces, dust light fixtures, and vacuum.
  • Stage – Open blinds, turn on lights, and open doors. Ensure your unit looks welcoming to renters.

Camera Tips and Tricks

  • Take lots of photos – A large pool of images ensures you have plenty of options to choose from when making selections for your listing.
  • Take horizontal images – Viewing vertical images on a desktop may be difficult or awkward for some users.
  • Take images at chest height – This angle provides the most accurate view of your home and highlights details like countertops, appliances, and sinks. 
  • Level the camera – Ensure that the vertical lines of walls, counters, or mirrors are straight in relation to the camera’s viewpoint. Creating these “leveled” images helps the viewer get a real sense of what they are looking at.
  • Avoid close-ups – Providing images of open and clean spaces gives renters the best representation of your unit.
  • Highlight room layouts – For smaller rooms, shoot from the entrance. For larger rooms, shoot diagonally from the entrance.
  • Use proper lighting – Ensure that each room is filled with natural light. If a room does not have natural light access, use 60-watt “warm” or “bright white” light bulbs. This will help your unit feel soft and welcoming.

Photography Pitfalls

Be sure to avoid the following pitfalls when taking images of your units.

  • Reflections of yourself or others in mirrors or windows
  • Fingerprints on surfaces
  • Running ceiling fans
  • Lighting overexposure (Dark interiors and bright light from windows is an example of this)

Image Checklist

These images are a must-have when showcasing your units on

  • Master bedroom
  • Kitchen
  • Living room
  • Bathrooms
  • Additional bedrooms (if applicable)
Note: For information on taking great listing videos, refer to our article: How to take a great listing video with your phone.
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