How do I edit the contact info so that I receive leads correctly from Canada?

The contact section is one of the most important sections to examine to help ensure that your property is receiving email and phone leads correctly! 

If your contact information needs to be updated, please email
(For security purposes, we are unable to update the information over the phone.)
You can see where your leads are being routed by selecting Edit Listing on your dashboard, then select leads.
  • While each property can have up to six email lead destinations which will cover the entire network of websites, there can only be one destination phone number in place for the entire network.
  • Both email and phone destination entries entered for will automatically spread to the other websites in the network.

If the property is being advertised on, ForRent, Apartment Finder and Apartment Home Living (regardless of a Network agreement, or separate contracts) tabs will appear – one for each brand. 

Can I link my community's own website to

Yes! Your community's website URL can be added. Prospects will see a view property website link to select in the contact section of the listing. Each selection of the link will count as a sales lead just like your phone calls and email inquiries.

Important: The link you provide must take prospects directly to your apartment community's website page. Corporate websites featuring a property management company are not permitted.

Can I customize the Lead Form?

Under the Dynamic Lead Form, you can ask potential renters additional questions such as their contact preferences and reasons for moving out. This form displays all the fields and indicates which of them are mandatory with an asterisk.

Note: The leads section of your listing is read-only. If you need updates, please email us at
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