What are the photo guidelines for Apartments.com Canada?

To find your next renter, marketing and advertising exposure is crucial. Getting as many eyes on your listing as possible will open the doors for a candidate who might be the right fit for your rental! 

To ensure your images properly display, and to avoid a possible rejection due to violations of our Terms of Service, be sure to follow these guidelines when posting pictures on your Apartments.com listing: 

  • No black and white images - All images should be in color, using few to minimal filtering effects. 
  • Use proper proportions - For the sharpest, clearest images, be sure they're sized at 2,048 pixels on the longest side. 
  • Image not uploading, check the file type - Only JPG or PNG formatted images can be uploaded to Apartments.com.
  • Avoid vertical (portrait) orientation - Due to the photo viewer, images oriented horizontally work best. If the image is vertical or portrait, it could be cutoff on the top and bottom. 
  • Use images without elements - Avoid pictures that are blurry, distorted or using elements such as special effects, flashing or animation such as GIF's. 
  • Copyrights and Trademarks - All images you load to the listing should be owned by you. Publication of another person or company's images will result in the removal of the listing.

Need more information? Check out our Photo Terms and Conditions to read more about our photo policy and click here to get professional tips on how to make your photos stand out!

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