How do I assign advertising packages with a listing plan?

If you manage multiple properties on, you may be eligible to purchase a listing plan. A listing plan is a bundle of advertising (ad) packages that lets you assign and swap those packages between your properties.

Listing plans are only compatible with Silver and Silver+ level advertising packages.

Important: Only properties with under 50 units are eligible for listing plans. For more eligibility information, contact

Assigning Ad Packages

  1. Log into your Rental Manager account and select the Advertising tab under Properties & Listings on the left navigation.

  1. Select the Listing Plan tab under Assign Advertising Packages. Your property list appears.

  1. Navigate to the property where you want to assign an ad package.

  1. Select the Package dropdown and select the package you want to assign to the property. A pop-up appears.

  1. Select Confirm to apply the advertising package to your property.

The advertising package is applied to your property automatically. Updates are reflected within 2 hours.

Note: For additional support, email us at
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