How do I upload unit-level images using Funnel? requires up-to-date unit-level images to publish a successful ad listing through Funnel.

Uploading Unit-level Images Using Funnel

  1. Navigate to the Funnel portal and log in to your account.
  2. Select the My Company dropdown under the left Dashboard navigation.

  1. Select On-Market. The On-Market Units page appears. 

  1. Select the Community dropdown and select the property where you want to upload unit-level images.

  1. Select the unit where you want to upload images. The unit page appears.

  1. Select the Media tab.

  1. Select Upload under Photos or Floorplans. A pop-up window appears. 

  1. Navigate to, select, and upload your images.

Note: Select Import to upload existing community images to your unit. 

  1. Repeat this process for each unit. The uploaded images are added to your property listing.
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