How do I add Diamond Placard Amenities to my listing?

Diamond Placard Amenities is a feature that highlights specific amenities that your community offers. These highlighted offerings are displayed on your listing placard on the search results page (SRP) on 

This feature is available to all Diamond and Diamond Plus level ad package subscribers.

Adding Diamond Placard Amenities to a Listing

  1. Log into your Rental Manager account. The Properties page appears by default.

  1. Navigate to the property where you want to apply diamond placard amenities and select it. The property edit page appears.

  1. Select the Amenities tab and scroll down to the Amenities section. Select your property’s standard amenities. You may select as many of these as you want.

  1.  Select the Diamond-level amenities you wish to display. You may select up to seven diamond-level amenities to highlight on your listing placard.

Note: Diamond-level amenities cannot be selected until the same standard amenities are chosen. If no diamond-level amenities are chosen, your listing placard defaults to an assortment of amenities from the 58 available diamond and diamond+ options.
  1. Select Save Changes to apply the selected amenities to your listing placard. Your diamond-level amenities are applied to your placard within 45 minutes of saving your changes.

Note: For more information on Diamond Placard Amenities, contact
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