How do I request documents from applicants?

Requesting documents is a feature that allows property managers to request documents for verification purposes during the application process.

  1. Navigate to and log into your Rental Manager account.
  2. Select the Applications tab.

  1. Select the Actions dropdown under the applicant you want to request documents from, and then select View Application. The applicant’s application information appears.

  1. Select the Documents tab and then select Request Documents. A Request Supporting Docs pop-up appears.

  1. Enter a request you want to send to your applicant and then select Send Email. A Request Sent confirmation pop-up appears.

Note: On applications with co-applicants, select the applicants you want to send requests to before selecting Send Email.

  1. Select View Request to refresh the page and see your submitted request. Your applicant is notified via email that you have requested documents.

Note: On applications with co-applicants, select the applicant’s name and then select Documents to view Applicant Uploads.

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