Enabling Specialty Housing Disclaimers

Specialty housing disclaimers are an optional feature that informs renters of properties that cater to a specific type of housing. These housing types include:

  • Student 
  • Senior
  • Military
  • Low-income housing

This feature saves renters and property managers time by ensuring that renters apply to properties where they are eligible, increasing qualified applicants.

How do specialty housing disclaimers work?

A housing disclaimer appears whenever a renter interacts with a property contact point on a configured listing. Property contact points include selecting:

  • The Request Tours button
  • The Send Message button
  • Phone numbers
  • Email links

When a renter contacts a property using that property’s phone number, a housing disclaimer audio recording plays before the renter connects to the property they are attempting to reach. Refer to the transcript below to see what renters can expect when they call in:

“Thank you for using Apartments.com! This property has specific student housing residency requirements. If you understand, press one or stay on the line to continue. Press two to repeat this message, or hang up to end this call.”

How do I enable specialty housing disclaimers?

For more information on enabling specialty housing disclaimers, contact support@apartments.com.

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