How do I Send a Digital Brochure

For information on how to send a digital flyer or brochure, please see the steps below. 

Select a Lead/Prospect and click “contact”

  1. Select the Lead You Want to Send a MyMedia Communication. To send to a resident instead, click the “Residents” tab and select the Resident whom you would like to send a MyMedia Communication.
  2. Click the “Contact” Button to Initiate Communication with this Lead. Now you are ready to start communicating with this prospective resident. After you click “Contact” you will be taken to the “Media Sender” to select and customize the specific communication appropriate for this contact. 

Customize your Digital Brochure by clicking the elements you want to update

  1. Select the Type of Communication from the “What Do You Want to Send?” Drop Down Menu. MyMedia allows you to send professionally produced, customizable digital brochures, articles, newsletters, forms & notices and videos. Simply select the type of communication you would like to send and start customizing!
  2. Customize your communication for the recipient. MyMedia allows you to customize a majority of the information included in digital brochures and forms & notices. How do you know if a field is customizable? On digital brochures, simply hover over the text box or photo and click the “Edit” button to change the current text or image. You can also click the “Hide” button if you’d prefer no image or text appear in that specific space. Select your media type (Digital Brochure) Digital Brochure: Customize your message by clicking the ‘edit’ icon in the Sender 6 On forms & notices, simply click the “Advanced Customization” button to view the areas that offer customization. Any changes made will be saved for future use until you modify that specific form/notice at a later date. 

Click “Deliver Now” on sender screen

Once your MyMedia message is ready, click “Deliver Now” to send your communication on its way to your rental prospect.

  1. Your “Brochure Sender - Leads Dashboard” will show the status of this communication in the “Status” column so you can plan your follow-up.
  2. Your Lead now appears with status “sent” on the leads Click on “Messenger” in the MyMedia main navigation. 
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