How do I Customize my Newsletter?

The MyMedia Leasing Library features fully customizable Community Newsletters. These newsletters are created for you by both Monthly and Seasonally (Spring, Summer, Fall Winter).

Each newsletter contains community related article content that is fully editable, along with your unique property information, logo, and calendar. 

Customizing your Community Newsletter

1. Select the newsletter that you would like to send from the MyMedia Leasing Library and open the Preview Modal. 

2. In the Modal click “Edit” to edit the details for this newsletter. 

3. In the Advanced Editing Menu, you can fully customize your Community Newsletter content before getting ready to send. 

How do I save I save and share the newsletter?

Once you've customized your newsletter to your liking you can get a link to share, export a PDF, or save the edits you just made to be used the next time you send this specific newsletter from the MyMedia Sender. 

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