How do I manage phone and email leads under True Leads?

To access True Leads click on Properties & Listings on your left dashboard and select True Leads or click on the Leads on the property card. 

Here, you can search for one or more properties and will be able to view the True Leads based on the Property and date range. 

The total number of leads per type are shown above the detail grid. All data within this section can be exported to Excel. 

Note: The default time period is the last 30 days, but you can change this time frame in the date selector as well.

Phone Leads

The Phone Leads table displays first. It includes the property name, the date/time of the lead in Eastern time, the caller number, ring-to number, tracking number, duration of the call and call status.

If the property has call recording enabled, a “volume” icon will appear to the right of the call duration. You can click on that icon to be linked directly to the actual recording of the call. 

Tip: Calls are available for up to 180 days after the call is recorded.

Email Leads

Email leads data is easily accessible by clicking the “Email Leads” tab at the top of the table. This table includes the property name, date/time of the lead in Eastern time zone, renter name, renter phone number (if provided), renter email address, & move date. It also includes a link to “View Details." Clicking on the link will open a modal with all the details.

Website Leads

We'll also include a recap of the property website link clicks. If there are FinderSites leads available for a property, those will appear in tabs to the right of the Phone and Email leads tabs. 

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