How do I use Ad Analytics?

You can view the Ad Analytics by clicking on Properties & Listings and selecting Ad Analytics or clicking on the Views link on a property. 

Property Summary Page 

This Property Summary page includes impressions, leads and media data for the selected property and will default to a review of the past 30 days. 

Detailed property information and ad packages are displayed in the header, along with overall totals of Impressions, Leads and Media views for the selected date range There is also a date range selector with options that allow you to revise the selection to include only data from the last 7 days, last 30 days, this month, last month or a custom range. 

If a new time period is selected, click “Submit” to re-run the numbers. Scroll down to view leads and media views. You can also hover over any point in the graph to display a box with the specific quantity of activity by type by day. The Property Summary report can be exported to an Excel file by clicking on the green Export button in the top right corner of the page, next to the date selector. 

Note: For details on the definition of each impression, lead, or media – hover over each line.

Ad Analytics - Property Search 

Ad Analytics opens to a Property Search page where you can search and select a set of properties and then click the "View Report" button to continue.

If you want to select more than one property in a Property Summary Report, the Ad Analytics Property Search page can be accessed by clicking on the Analytics tab in the left navigation bar. 

Note: You will need to have access to the properties in order to search for them. 

You can search for properties by city, state, zip, address, PMC name or property name. The results will appear in the grid below. If you have multiple parameters – for example, all ‘ABC Company’ properties in New Orleans, you can search for ‘ABC Company’ and then click on the top of the City column to sort your results by city. You can click on any column header to sort by the contents of that column. Once sorted, a small arrow will appear next to that column header to show if the data is sorted in ascending or descending order. You can click again to reverse the order.

Only one package is immediately visible per row, however if there is more than one package related to that property, a plus sign appears in the package column. Click on it to see a list of additional packages related to that property.

By default, up to fifty properties will display per page. You can change pages or increase the number of properties displayed per page in the pagination and selection boxes at the bottom of the search results.

You can individually check boxes to select one or more properties, or you can select all properties currently displayed on the page by clicking the check box at the top in the column headers bar. Note that in the Properties header, you can then see the number of properties selected out of the total number of properties available in your search results.

Once you have selected your properties, click the “View Report” button. Impressions, leads and media views for the selected properties within the selected date range will then be displayed for you on the Property Summary page.

Note: Lead totals include phone, email, and property website link clicks (if applicable)

When there are multiple properties selected, the Property Summary header shows the number of properties selected. 

 Ad Analytics - Compare Months 

From Property Search page, you also have the option to view impressions, leads and media views trending over time by selecting the Compare Months page from the left navigation bar.

The default date range contains the current month-to-date data - as well as the previous 12 months. This range can be changed by using the drop-down menus at the top of the page, then click Submit.

And as on other pages in Ad Analytics, you can also hover over the title of the activity type to see a definition of the term. 

Ad Analytics – Market Search 

If you want to analyze how the lead performance is in a specific market, you can use the Market Search option, that is available on the top right corner on the Analytics page. 

Once you are in the Market Search page, you can select a specific city from the search bar and click on “View Report”. By default, the date range is the last 30 days, but you will have the option to modify the date range from the date field. 

The report will have the following information for that specific market

  • Average Impressions per property o Search Results
    • Details Page
  • Average Leads per property
    • Email Leads o Phone Leads o Website Links
  • Average Media Interactions per property
    • 3D Tours
    • HD Videos 
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