How do I opt in to rental listing syndication using Las Vegas REALTORS?


Syndicating rental listings to using Las Vegas REALTORS requires a Trestle account to configure syndication settings. Refer to the steps below for more information.


Creating a Trestle account

Enabling syndication

Creating a Trestle account

  1. Navigate to and select Get Started to create an account.

The Subscription Wizard appears.

  1. Select the Broker option under Business Type.

A broker disclaimer appears.

  1. Select Continue with Broker Subscription.

The Subscription Wizard continues.

  1. Select Las Vegas REALTORS (LVR) from the dropdown, enter your Broker ID, and then select Search.

A green box appears confirming your email address.

  1. Select Next. An invitation email is sent.
  2. Navigate to your email, locate and open your invitation to join Trestle, and select Activate your Account.

Note: If you do not receive this email, contact the LVR MLS team at (702) 784-5000.

The account activation wizard appears.

  1. Enter your office information and then select Next.
  2. Enter your primary contact information, enter a password, and then select Next.
  3. Enter your company information in the required fields and then select Next.

The Subscriber Agreement appears.

  1. Select Accept Subscriber Agreement.

The account activation wizard continues, and a payment method page appears.

Note: Trestle requires a credit card on file. However, there is no charge for syndicating opt-in settings.

  1. Enter your payment information and then select Finish Trestle Subscription.

Your account is created.

Enabling syndication

  1. Navigate to the Trestle main menu and select Syndication Management under Account.

The Syndication Management control panel appears.

  1. Locate your settings, opt in to listing syndication, and save your changes.

Your listing information is sent to for verification. This process takes 24 to 48 hours to complete, after which your rental listings successfully syndicate.

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