Fair Chance in Housing Act: Criminal History

New Jersey’s Fair Chance in Housing Act bars a landlord, in most cases, from asking about criminal history in an application, interview or in any other way, prior to making an offer. Learn more about this law

What does this mean for you? 

At this time, Apartments.com does not provide criminal history reports for applicants to properties in New Jersey. Property owners and managers will be informed of the local law that explains the omission of this data for all applicants.

If I manage another property outside of New Jersey, will background checks be included?

Apartments.com allows applicants to prepare and submit multiple rental applications for properties across the United States. If you manage a property in a jurisdiction where housing providers are allowed to consider criminal history, Apartments.com will return a criminal report with that property's application.

Apartments.com is committed to Equal Opportunity in Housing.

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