How do I correct a Lease Overlap error?

When you’re creating a lease using the Rental Tool, one crucial aspect will be the lease term. For professionalism and legal purposes, these dates must be accurate for the lease to be executed per its terms and stipulations.

To this end, if dates on an old and new lease overlap, you will receive notice of this discrepancy before the tool allows you to proceed any further. Below are steps on how to correct a lease overlap error: 

  • First, go to Payments on the Menu and end any current Payments attached to that Resident (renter) in question.
  • Then, cancel all Current and Upcoming leases associated with the Resident.

    • If the renter signed a lease, they should download it.
    • You as the property manager should also download it so it can be attached to the new Resident that you’re about to create.  
  • Setup the New Resident manually, not choosing to have the system auto-populate the information. This is where you can attach the downloaded lease, under Lease Document.

If these steps do not work, you will have to rename and archive that unit, and then start over again with a new unit. Additionally, we advise not creating any test leases or residents, as that can lead to you encountering this error. 

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