How do I prepare for my move to

If you've received a notification that your Cozy account is going to move to, this article is for you!

Once your Cozy account is scheduled to move, it'll still be accessible but certain features will be disabled. This includes setting up a new rent collection or creating a listing to receive applications and screening reports.

Here are our recommendations to help you get prepared!

Connect with you renters

We've notified your renters that their accounts will be moving to too. This transition will be automatic and the only thing your renter will need to do is to set up their login using the special link they get in their confirmation email from Cozy.

Your renters may have questions about their move and we've created this article just for them: Getting Started on as a Renter

Note: You and your renter do not need to sign up and create new accounts on – we'll take care of that for you! Please avoid doing this as it can delay your move.

Download your payment transaction history

Any rent collections that ended before 2021 won't be moved to your account.

You can export your payment data as a .csv anytime by following these steps: How do I export my payment data on Cozy?

Alternatively, if you need a copy of the Transactions ledger (credits, payments, bills) that you see on your Payments dashboard, you can save your Payments page as a PDF.

To do that, click "File" on your browser and then "Print." Instead of proceeding with printing the page, change the printer destination as "Save as PDF." This will then generate the page you want to print as a PDF document and will save directly to your computer.

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