Getting Started on for Cozy customers

For anyone using Cozy to manage their rentals that have now been moved over to, this guide is meant for you!

We’ll show you how to navigate your account and answer any questions you may have.

Tip: Look for a confirmation email from Cozy that your account was successfully moved to and follow the link to complete your login setup for your new account.

Where can I find my payments?

How long do payments take to process?

Some information is missing– where can I find it?

How do I change the two-factor authentication method?

Where can I find help?

What are some differences between and Cozy?

Do I have to list my rental on

What else can I do on

Payments FAQs

Where can I find my payments?

Your rent collections can be found under Rental Tools on your left dashboard. 

You'll notice that we've transferred every aspect of the lease to so you can carry on collecting rent payments as normal.

This means that you won't need to:

  • Set up a new rent collection
  • Re-add your banking details
  • Verify your identity again with our payment processor

How long does it take for payments to process? Is there Express Payouts?

ACH payments are free for you and will take around 3-5 business days to process. If your renters pay with a card, the payment will take around 2-3 business days to post to your bank account. Express Payouts isn't available on

Account FAQs

Some information is missing– where can I find it?

To keep your move to as seamless as possible, we haven't moved over everything from your Cozy account.

Here's what won't appear on your account:

  • Cozy Rent collections that ended before 2021
  • Cozy Maintenance requests that were made and completed before 2021
  • Cozy Applications and screening reports
  • Inbox conversations

However, you'll be able to download your payment transaction history for any ended rent collections on your Cozy account by following these steps.

Can I turn off two-factor authentication? Can I get codes via text?

2-factor verification gives your account two layers of protection. When accessing sensitive parts of your account like Payments, you'll be prompted to enter a verification code that was sent to your email address.

To send the code to your phone, check the box next to "I'd like to receive my code another way next time" next time you're prompted for 2-factor verification.

After you enter the verification code you received via email, you'll be able to enter a phone number to receive the verification codes via SMS in the future.

Tip: Deleting your browsing history and cache will prompt the two factor authentication next time you log onto your account. Stay signed in!

Where can I find help?

We recommend checking out our Help Center as the first place to find instant answers! 

If you have any payment specific questions, you can reply to the Payments emails that you receive from and our team will get back to you as soon as we can or email directly.

For general account or site questions, you can email FAQs

What are some differences between and Cozy?

Here are several differences between and Cozy:

Free rental comps on

While Cozy charged $19.99 for Rent Estimates, offers free rental comps. Rent Comparables will pull information from the surrounding area to give you a full picture of the current market rates. 

Fast payment processing

While you may have received expedited ACH payments on Cozy with Express Payouts, you'll receive your ACH payments in 3-5 business days on– for free!

Receive and view more leads on the #1 site for renters

While you may previously found a renter by sharing your Cozy application listing link directly with applicants or syndicating your listings to their partner sites, and, activating your listing on will automatically place your rental on five of the most popular rental websites in the Network.

Keep all information about your renters in one easy-to-access place

Whether it’s contact information, documents, or rental details – everything can be accessed from one location in your Residents dashboard on your account.

One new feature that'll make the rental process easier is online leases with electronic signatures at no cost to you. 

Learn more here on how to to create a lease on your account!

Do I have to list my rentals?

It's 100% up to you! You can use to manage your property using our full suite of easy to use Rental Tools. If you'd like to add your property but not list, follow these steps here

What else can I do on

The rental process on can be done completely online, saving you time and eliminating the paperwork.

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