What are workarounds for common error messages?

In an effort to provide accurate and actionable information, Apartments.com has safeguards in order to ensure listings follow our guidelines. 

Here are some common error messages you might encounter if the property you're adding isn't matching our criteria, as well as solutions to get pass that point:

  • Invalid Deliverable Address - All listings added to Apartments.com have to use a valid address recognized by Google Maps, USPS and the County Assessor. If the address isn't being recognized, check how it's formatted with the county assessor or documented in tax records and submit it as such.

  • Invalid Code - The Two-factor Authentication is meant to ensure you have access to the email you're using. If the system is saying the code is invalid, be sure you're not exiting Apartments.com to retrieve the code; we advise going to the email from a separate browser window or device. Additionally, you will have the option to request a new code if the present one expired. 
  • Location is Held - If you get the error message, "We're sorry, this location is held by an Apartments.com customer," it will be due to an existing community listing for that location. To gain access to that community listing, simply email Support@apartments.com for Admin access. 

  • Unable to Save - This error arises when the listing can't be saved due to an incompatible internet browser. Check out this article for additional information about the best browsers to use when uploading a listing.  
  • Internal Server Issue - A server issue will occur due to connectivity issues between the device you're using and our website. A quick workaround would be to switch the device or try to add the listing from a different internet network. 
  • Spinning Wheel - One common error that will not have a stated message on the website can occur if you're timed out. If you submit the listing but get a spinning Apartments.com logo that doesn't go away in a few seconds, this is due to the page timing out. The best thing to do would be to close and reopen the browser before attempting to resubmit the listing. 
  • Red Box around Address Bar - Similar to the Invalid Deliverable Address message, a red box around the address bar is indication that there is information in that field that needs to be removed or corrected. Be sure not to put the Unit number/letter in the address (there's a separate field for the unit) and avoid adding the zip code as that will be auto-populated upon publication. 

Question still unanswered? For more information about adding or managing a property, be sure to check out the Properties & Listings section of our online Help Center. 

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