How do I enable the ACE™ Virtual Leasing Assistant on my listing? has partnered with LeaseHawk to provide AI-powered chat experiences through ACE™, a premium chatbot service. For more information on enabling this service on your listing, refer to the instructions below.

Important: ACE™ is only available for Diamond, Diamond Plus, Platinum, and Platinum Plus ad-level customers.

Enabling ACE™ on your listing

Contact LeaseHawk and request to enable chatbot services on your listing.

  • Existing clients: contact and submit a request to have an existing ACE™ subscription added to your listing.
  • New clients: contact and submit a request to enable ACE™ on your listing.

After receiving your request, LeaseHawk creates and configures ACE™ for your listing. Using your property as a reference, LeaseHawk generates chat responses to resident questions about leasing your property. These responses are sent to you for verification and approval.

Note: This process takes up to three business days to generate your chat experience for

Within two business days of receiving your verification from LeaseHawk, will verify that your listing meets the requirements for using a chatbot. If your listing meets these requirements, ACE™ is enabled on your listing.

How does ACE™ work?

After ACE™ is enabled, a Chat Now button appears in the Contact This Property section on your listing.

When the Chat Now button is selected, the chat experience begins.

Along with the ability to answer 100+ leasing questions specific to your property, integrated sites display real-time pricing, availability, and available tour times according to your schedule.

For non-integrated sites, ACE™ provides starting price or price ranges, generic tour scheduling, and send email notifications with Guest Card and Appointment information to your property.

Note: For more information about integrated and non-integrated sites, contact

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